Guest Spot 3 : Andre Slabbert


Am I going to get royalties for this?  What must I do? Is this like free-association? Is this where I reveal my deep seated fantasies about you? That photo makes me look a little feminine with those dainty crossed ankles. We are struggling to get going here. I think this is where I am going to be absolutely exposed and prove to the world that there is absolutely nothing between my ears. I always knew it was going to come to this one day. However, seeing that I am going to become world famous as a result of being on this blog spot, I imagine I’d better come up with something.This could be for posterity. If you think the Mandela funeral is going to be big, this is going to be much bigger.

I am a very fortunate person. I’m fortunate because I’m reasonably healthy, I’ve got enough to see to my daily needs, I’ve got a job and a family who seems to be OK. I think most people mostly like me. I don’t have any enemies. I don’t hate lots of things which is good because hate is a destructive emotion.I think in all my life I’ve only hated one person and I sorted him out good. I’m on a roll. I always tell my students that the hallmark of a successful life is to leave the world a better place than when you arrived, so although I have never been nominated for any Nobel prize or discovered a cure for Aids, I think the world will miss me a bit someday. I hope I am right about this…the acid test of this will be the number of people that will attend my funeral. This worries me a bit at times but fortunately I won’t be there to see it. Can you imagine if only 6 people pitch up? I just love being in Cape Town which I will not change for the world. So, in closing my advice to you is: enjoy life. I had a date one night with a very hot chick a long time ago and when I took her home I had visions of a hot steamy session. At her front door she initiated proceedings by kissing me passionately and then she said to me, “Enjoy life,” and she closed the door and was gone forever.

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