My work is mainly in the field of children’s books, both trade and educational, although like an octopus, I have tentacles that touch on allied fields.  I have designed posters and games, and written and illustrated guides for teachers and trainee outreach magazines.  In my private capacity, I have wandered into writing for adults – it’s a natural progression – and the path beckons…

I have divided my work into

Selected published: I have grouped a selection of published works, here presented with rich visuals, into the categories: …with words,  …with paint, …with thread,…with heart, and…with ingenuity.

Selected Unpublished: A very small selection of the many, many complete stories, half-completed works and  ideas -some illustrated, some not –  that fill a couple of cardboard boxes in my painting/writing hut.

Current projects: These are the works that I have on the go at the time. I also will feature any book that has just been released.

Published works: A list of all the published work I’ve produced listed by the publisher