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One Man, One Bar

The Oshakati region in Northern Namibia, part of Ovamboland, the historical nexus of SWAPO and political activism. And now?   Photographs taken as we drove past at quite a speed…who would stop?

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From this to this

to    From exotic to topicalFrom the outside to the insideFrom cliche to authenticFrom stereotype to individualFrom historical to currentFrom typecast to hybridFrom flattened to roundedFrom colonial to inclusiveFrom us-and-them to us

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It’s one of the most stimulating aspects to embarking on travel to unknown or less well-known parts: a perspective on one’s own life.  It takes seeing things with your own eyes -images in the media somehow don’t register nearly to … Continue reading

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District 6, the theme park

My submission to a competition on visions for a future Cape Town, is this idea which has been banging around in my husband’s and my head for many years: I propose that District 6 be turned into a place where … Continue reading

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Nwot Epac

My eldest son, Noah, and I worked on this submission to a competition on visions of a future Cape Town. Perhaps the image will still be too small for you to see what we have done to this familiar and … Continue reading

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Study study

It’s been yonks since I’ve had to write an exam and let us hope that I never will have to again endure that little agony. However , I have just read the most fascinating article about the latest research on … Continue reading

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Unforgiven and lonely

It’s been a week of being laid low by a horrible dose of bronchitis. In between feeling sorry for myself, I fall asleep to showers of music cascading from the radio, wake to snippets of talk and watch a bit … Continue reading

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It’s a lesson that I keep having to learn over and over again. Ugly doesn’t matter. When all the instincts scream, “too hideous for words,” the strategies kick in: Destroy it: Before my eldest son was born I gouged a … Continue reading

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