Current Projects

Monkey’s Wedding

February 2014

Finally it is completed! Five years is quite a stretch to illustrate a book but here it is. As a sneak preview of what is to come, here are a couple of finished panels.  Let’s hope it’s out soon.

current1   curent2


The Schermbrucker archive

An exciting development for our family.  Dr Alan Kirkaldy from the history department of Rhodes has shown interest in writing up the story of Ivan Schermbrucker, my late father-in-law. This has spurred us to put a huge range of materials that we have in our possession (letters, craft, photographs, documents etc.) into some kind of order and capture it digitally. If you are interested in this story, see my novel Lucky Fish! which is a fictionalised version of my husband’s experiences when his parents went to jail in the 60’s

Lucky Fish, Jacana


Children of Southern Africa

February 2014

Six books in this series are out!


Myrtle and Daneco, their life in Kassiesbaai, South Africa


Thobeka and Samukelo, their life in Yeoville, South Africa


Mauro and Adelaide, their life in Quelimane, Mozambique


Lindeka and Vuyane, their life in Malkerns, Swaziland


Kero and Beeby, their life in Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe


Lebohang and Polo, their life in Ha Lesala, Lesotho

Two more books in the series are currently in production:

PS (as of September 2015 ) and here they are….


Ndapewa and Johnny, their life in Ombili, Namibia



Justin and Jessica, their life in Maun, Botswana

Duzi Publishers, Shuter and Shooter



February 2014

A small picture book for the under 6s, this lyrical text is based on the latest research that proves the dung beetles – many varieties of which, by the way, have two pairs of eyes – navigate at night using the stars and especially the Milky Way. I illustrated it using pebbles, sand, stones, grass and found objects.


Domestic Associations / Domestic Excursions

February 2017

An exhibition of paintings in the form of cloth books at 6 Spin Street Cape Town. To view the work look under ‘paintings’ on this web site.


Noospheric* Nights

October 2017

An exhibition of dark watercolours at 6 Spin Street, Cape Town. To view more of the works look under ‘paintings’ on this web site.

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