Guest Spot 2 : Sakwe Balintulo


Some might say that keeping up a blog is self-indulgent and they have a point. I have decided that I would like to share the spotlight with people who come into my life, either regularly like Gerald Prinsloo (whom I interviewed earlier) or passers by who pop in for a short while. I ask permission of my ‘victims’ to put them on my blog and if they are willing, I write down what they tell me more or less verbatim.

Sakwe Balintulo ( Born 1927) came to our gate to collect money for his church.

The man up there is like the head waiter because he finds a place for everybody where ever they are: Zambia, South Africa, Botswana and shows them their place in the world.  He brings the rains like even tonight we might get rain. I was in Transkei on 28 November, came back last week. There was raining, thundering, wind blow like anything. I saw the magistrate’s court and police station roof blow away 25 metres away. I was just passing there when I was buying groceries. When we go to Transkei we go by buses, we pay five hundred there and five hundred back. Someone is looking after my place there in the village Tyaaka in the Idutaa area, between Butterworth and Umtata. But I live here in Cape Town in KTC with my wife and four children. Two of my children are in the house with me, not working, can’t find job. Jobs is very,very scarce for everybody.When I am not collecting I do a garden job because our pension is very little, just one thousand and eight rand, that’s all. The time is almost quarter to seven, I must go home now. I will come back end of February to see how you put me on the computer. God bless you.

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