What a privilege

I spent last week working in Langa (in the informal settlement and New Flats areas) alongside an amazing group of  7 ladies, Family Community Motivators whose brief it is is to visit homes in the area and play with young children. We visited a number of different homes from a Gogo living with her 6 grandchildren in one small room in a poky hostel to house-proud mums in the New Flats polishing their brand new furniture. In each home I was made completely welcome and my strange requests graciously and instantly acted upon. What was I doing? I was photographing a book for FCMs throughout the country on ideas to stimulate young children with simply what a person has in their ( under-resourced?) home. Here are some photos:

IMG_1316  IMG_1253  IMG_1159

IMG_1017  IMG_0885  IMG_1328

IMG_1379  IMG_0976

IMG_1384  IMG_1323

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