Up and Away


Overtaken by the new girl on the block, Penelope Cruiser, The Red Skedonk ( see the article under BOOKBIRD profile under reviews for more information on the red skedonk, once a trusted family retainer) looks positively peeved.

What drama is being played out in the quiet suburban streets of the American presidents where we live? Ah…I smell the whiff of adventure in the air.

Yes, dear reader, this is an announcement that my spouse and I are about to embark on an expedition that will take us sweeping up north to the Kruger Park and then more north into Zimbabwe, and then much more north, so north in fact that we will be right at the top of Mozambique, where an archipelago of islands beckons. We will be away for 7 weeks. Wish us luck!

When we return – or should it be if we return? – I will post photos and whatnot about our trip.

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