Quirky stuff

Match the captions to the pictures below:

1. frilly, no thorns

2. convention for hermaphrodites

3. ankle snapper

4. pit stop 

5. blue indicates unknown lands

6. fattened for the road

7. skywalker

8. if I don’t see you through the week…

9. this way and that toppling

10. this pair is bespoken

11. melted sedge

12. oh I do love to be beside…

13. slow security

14. de Brunhoff publishes on a pole

15. whatsuit

16. excellent merchandise

17. cinema in obscura

18. not cherry flavoured, fishy

19. drag your hangovers here

20 …life is but a dream

21. international spew

22. pastoral mismatch

23. hope springs forth


anasturtium-boat  b snail-stuff-2

cwest-coast-padstaaal  d wood-pile  ewhat-suit

f jelly-fish-033  gfire-growth 

  hrock-map i andre's-farm

j sedge  kcross-in-shop

lcows-202 m ankle-snapper

ncactus-frills  ofat-sheep

pshoe-plants q spider-in-sky

r Babar-in-the-sky  sworld-cup-fountain

ttortose-burglar-bars u Ben-in-tree

vcamera-obscura-odeon  wseaside-thing

Answers: 1n/ 2b/3m/4l/5h/6o/7q/8u/9a/10p/11j/12w/13t/14r/15e/16k/17v/18f/19c/20a/21s/22i/23g

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