Monkey’s Wedding – embroideries for sale

Buy an embroidery – a whacky piece of Africana meticulously hand-sewn – and help me publish a picture book five years in the making!

Because of a difficult publishing climate, I have decided to self-publish this children’s picture book in hard cover format. I require a total of R82,000.00 to cover the costs. This includes reproduction, make-up, printing and a small budget for marketing. To raise the money I have decided to sell 10 of the embroidered panels for R8,200.00 each.

These are the 16 embroidered and appliquéd cloth panels that make up the illustrations of the picture book. They are approximately 700mm by 320mm each.

Click on the image for an enlarged view of the embroidery and to see all the details! To go back to the collection after viewing close-up of individual panels, press Esc (escape).

Embroidery 1: the monkey bride and some of the guests


Embroidery 2: the frog pot that inspired the story and “blushing bride” flowers SOLD

Embroidery 3: a view of the Johannesburg skyline from a balcony SOLD


Embroidery 4: ants on their leaf boats sailing down flooded gutters


Embroidery 5: the guests arrive at the venue under the trees


Embroidery 6: ducks and pelicans serve the guests SOLD


Embroidery 7: everybody is waiting for the bride to arrive  SOLD


Embroidery 8: The guests ulalate, stamp and clap in anticipation SOLD


Embroidery 9: “Here comes the bride, all dressed in white…” SOLD


Embroidery 10: the guests eating, dancing, laughing  SOLD


Embroidery 11: where is the groom? Rumours reach monkey.


Embroidery 12: a troop of monkey’s cousins gate crash the wedding SOLD


Embroidery 13: Lightning and hail slam down as the monkeys go ape


Embroidery 14: the ostriches bury their heads in the cake SOLD


Embroidery 15: time for everyone to leave


Embroidery 16: what will happen next time it rains and the sun shines?

The fine print:
1. People can choose from amongst the 16 panels on a first come, first serve basis. I will mark which panels are bespoken on this site as soon as the buyers inform me of their choice.
2. The embroideries are sold unframed but buyers can choose to ask me to hand sew each one to a larger backing cloth of unbleached calico which can be stretched over a board or stretchers for framing.
3. I will deliver, post or courier the cloths after ten have been sold and after they have been scanned for reproduction. I do not expect the process of reproduction will take more than a couple of weeks.
4. Unfortunately, if less than 10 panels are sold after 2 months, I have not raised enough to create the book that is my dream and the deal is off on all sales.

Please forward this to anybody else who you think might be interested.

Reviva Schermbrucker
Phone: +27 (0) 21 6716785


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