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It’s not often that I dream an entire business plan – yes, a business plan – down to its name, operating strategy and the exact amount I should charge, but that’s what happened last night. It even got a thumbs-up from my dreamt-up father, who in real life is seldom enthusiastic about his daughter’s ideas. The really strange part of the dream-plan was that it is in an area I know nothing, or very little, about: the restaurant business. ( We hardly ever go to restaurants, hubbie and I…they seem such an extravagance.)

Problem: Non-English speakers in English speaking counties or in places where English-speakers go as tourists, setting up restaurants : Mexican, Chinese, Thai food, etc. create fabulous food but have or can have very poor menus with poor English descriptions of their dishes, sometimes in laughable Chinglish, sometimes completely impenetrable. Waiters often have little English to help out with choices.

Solution: Email photos of the dishes on the menu to my company FOOD IN WRITING with a list of ingredients and a little description of the cooking process and we will write menus that will have their English-speaking guests salivating with expectation. Sophisticated cooking terminology, good grammar and descriptive language will entice diners. We will also design the menus in a wide range of fonts and styles, creating  a PDF ready for the concern to have printed wherever they are. The logo of the restaurant will be incorporated.

Cost: 5 to 10 dollars per dish


Can’t wait for the billions of orders to come rolling in.

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