1,2,3,here we go


Following the red threads squiggling all across the map, digging up dirt, unearthing snips of succulents, ostrich shell beads on a string.

What does this mean?

It means that we are on our way again on a two and a bit month expedition making books and camping, camping and making books. Up north to the Richtersveld, over the pont at Sendelingfdrift, into Namibia, Luderitz and north into more desert to Tsumeb to make book 1, then northeast into the Caprivi strip, along that, pop into Zim to see the falls and then when we reach the top of our trajectory, down like a stone, south to Nata and across salt pans to Maun where book number 2 is planned. And then? And then we’ll see…Jhb to see the folks, Augrabies? We’ll see…

What will we see?



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