Dung beetle tale

It’s not often that real live models insist on visiting people visualising them for the sake of a book but that is what happened when I was busy illustrating a story about a dung beetle using the usual 2D source material for reference. The story is a (lyrical?) exposition of the extraordinary discovery that dung beetles navigate using the stars.

“Look what I found at your front gate,” a friend said, tipping a real life dung beetle onto my work space. Pong – for that is the name of the character in my book, its title and by instant association, the visitor -  went into tortoise mode, hiding under his shiny black carapace.

What brought Pong to our gate, I wondered? Was it my lucky stars? Had to be.

Here is Pong, the book and Pong, the visitor and model. ( Yes, I set him free two days later leaving him outside the gate to carry on to where he might have been heading.)

pong-1            IMG_2034

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