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Late exhibition but not that late

At age 90, Yehudith will get a chance to show off her considerable talents as a painter, dreamer, colourist and imaginer

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Christine Mogotsi as a scholar

My son, Ben, drove to Kimberley for a long overdue 3 day visit to the Mogotsi family, now comprising of only two members, Christine and Charlie. Both sides declared it a resounding success. Christine gave him this gorgeous photograph of … Continue reading

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Mulberry Mayhem

What’s cooking on the stove? Purple berry jam? Syrup? It’s spring time and the mulberries are ripening. Maya is impressed with the net Asher has rigged to catch berries as they fall. Look how well it works! The berries are … Continue reading

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Namibia book complete

An addition to the Children of Southern Africa series published by Duzi Publishers

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Brother and sister haircuts

Bredasdorp, right next door to Elim Butchery. Price? R25 each.

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Mavis Mogotsi

In a week where there was one big death, there was another that did not get a trillionth of the attention but was big for us. Mavis Mogotsi, grandmother to Charlie Tankie Mogotsi  and mother to Christine Mogotsi, was a … Continue reading

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What a privilege

I spent last week working in Langa (in the informal settlement and New Flats areas) alongside an amazing group of  7 ladies, Family Community Motivators whose brief it is is to visit homes in the area and play with young … Continue reading

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Walking the dog

photo: Julian Hare Months after the Lilac Ballnow a faded memoryjacarandas fling downwoody castanets strewn on dog-shittedearth.Our conversation is coloured in patches of green and brown.Did you see that man?What this one should do.I can’t believe that.The sky answers in … Continue reading

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My father and his brother

A photo of my father, Gregoria-Grisha-Gershon-George, aged 2 and his older brother, Boris,4, before they left the Soviet Union in 1928. Look at the two of them! No words needed.

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Guest Spot 3 : Andre Slabbert

Am I going to get royalties for this?  What must I do? Is this like free-association? Is this where I reveal my deep seated fantasies about you? That photo makes me look a little feminine with those dainty crossed ankles. … Continue reading

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