Writing for Children

A course that I have run for a number of years at my home in Claremont, Cape Town and at UCT Summer School in 2008. Over 50 people have taken part in this five-session workshop intended for those who are strongly attracted to writing for young readers but feel in need of some guidance and support.  Designed to assist both beginners and more experienced writers in need of a creative injection, the workshop  helps participants develop age-appropriate ideas, structure picture book texts and have a shot at writing for the older child (8 to 12). Participants experience a series of activities that unlock the barriers to discovering the playful, imaginative world of children’s books while being introduced to the disciplines of the many genres that fall under its scope. It includes elements of writing, making, looking and reading and participants are encouraged to develop personal projects.

  1. Our childhood is the source.
  2. Subverting expectations.
  3. One model: plotting a picture book from problem to resolution.
  4. Different genres, different age needs.
  5. Your personal project.

“A fabulous course…I have enjoyed every minute.” Gilly Southwood

“I think the course was excellent. It was practical, honest and inspirational.” Peter Folb

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