Ruined Hotels, Mozambique

Surprises abound in Mozambique. What we did not expect is to find abandoned ruins of once splendiferous, lavish hotels on remote islands and mainland coastal towns.

Two islands of the Bazaruto archipelago, Santa Carolina and Margaruque, sport atmospheric rotting hulks with a touch of late Art Deco embellishment, remains of the enterprises in colonial times of entrepreneur-tycoon, Joaquim Alvez. It seems as if the rich and famous would fly out to these destinations for naughty weekends and we saw this for ourselves when we chanced upon a spooky, tarred airstrip right in the middle of Santa Carolina, weedy and cracked.

In Pomene, situated on a dramatic rocky headland punctured with blowholes and caves, stands another forlorn beach resort this time with a distinctly Iberian flavour. Our guide book asserts that efforts are being made to rehabilitate these old ladies but we saw not a sign of that. We were left wondering why.

Santa Carolina

hotel1  hotel-2

hotel-3  hotel-4

hotel-5  hotel-6

hotel-7  hotel-8


hotel-9  hotel-10 

hotel-14  hotel-11

hotel-13          hotel-12

hotel15   hotel-16

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