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Mantelboard Dashpiece

      From ‘ Outing in the Cuore’       From ‘Outing in the half-loaf’ See all 28 plus works that comprise the exhibition DOMESTIC ASSOCIATIONS / DOMESTIC EXCURSIONS on this website under the heading ‘Paintings’.

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Exhibition of my works

To see the works that will be exhibited and to purchase them before they go up, please click this link:

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Mission accomplished

My parents, George and Yehudith Jameson at the launch of a solo exhibition of my mother’s paintings at Upstairs@Bamboo in Melville, Johannesburg on 15th October, 2016

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Battle Cave characters

The Battle Cave is well known for it’s Bushman/San paintings. But I did not expect to find these three in amongst the plethora of more familiar images. The positioning of the figures, the subtle differences between them, their delightful stance. … Continue reading

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Late exhibition but not that late

At age 90, Yehudith will get a chance to show off her considerable talents as a painter, dreamer, colourist and imaginer

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family memories in watercolour

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Found and lost

Rubbish or what? A plastic packet headed for the dustbin. Inside are masses of fragile folded embroidery patterns annotated in Greek ( yes, Greek) some dated to the 1920′s. Inspiration for some impromptu painting/collage. The one on the left is … Continue reading

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The Observer

I add pebbles to an image that has haunted me for years. What does the observer see? How can s/he make sense of it using the crude tools of his/her understanding? The view coats the inside of his/her skull. Why … Continue reading

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Architectural delights in Mozambique

Although we’d read about it and filed it in the back of our minds, we were both surprised and enchanted by the buildings we saw in Mozambique. From the minute you crossed the border, you felt that this was another … Continue reading

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Cupping a town in your hand

  The camera obscura in Grahamstown, a jewel, my not-so-secret passion.

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