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Artist’s statement: We 3, 2 Acres and a Donkey

Painting is like being on a see-saw except there is no one on the other side. You have to do that awkward, near-impossible thing of running from one end to the other in between the up-downs and somehow still enjoy … Continue reading

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Invitation to my next exhibition

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An exhibition in waiting

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Exhibition of my works

To see the works that will be exhibited and to purchase them before they go up, please click this link:

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Two too sweet

From a walk in the Namakwa Park

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All tied up

  At first the thinking was something along these lines: what should I do with these silk ties I have collected over the years from charity shops and flea markets? Ah, I know, sew them onto a cloth, some unbleached … Continue reading

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Mulberry Mayhem

What’s cooking on the stove? Purple berry jam? Syrup? It’s spring time and the mulberries are ripening. Maya is impressed with the net Asher has rigged to catch berries as they fall. Look how well it works! The berries are … Continue reading

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Monkey’s Wedding – embroideries for sale

Buy an embroidery – a whacky piece of Africana meticulously hand-sewn – and help me publish a picture book five years in the making! Because of a difficult publishing climate, I have decided to self-publish this children’s picture book in … Continue reading

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Patterns to tickle the eye


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Returning from this mammoth two and a half month trip to Namibia and Botswana and the furthest reaches of South Africa, what do I have to offer you in my first attempt to report back? This, an advertisement for nothing … Continue reading

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